Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hills 'n' Stuff ...

Once again progress has been made on terrain-y bits. This first pic shows three of my hills after undercoating; each of them has a conqueror tank on it (mounted on a 1p piece) to give a size context. Doubling the ridge height has made them much better IMO.

The next pic shows what is supposed to be a level 2 hill, but I'm really not convinced that it works as that ... I need to find a better way to show contours. I have some ideas that I'm going to try soon

Here we have one of my 'fancier' hills - it has a small pile of rocks (pebbles) at the centre. I undercoated this by hand with my 'sand' paint - it's a better colour than the hills above which were undercoated with Halfords' spray paint

 And this is one of my'broken ground' areas - just pebbles stuck in the wet filler

A size shot of the broken ground areas with a Conqueror based on a penny in the centre

Broken ground, village and Conqueror

A close up of the village base. I'm experimenting with scrubber pads as foliage here - I think it works quite well, but needs something to darken them - maybe a dark wash or dip ... will try both

By the way, the cloth in the background of the pics is the one I bought to use for desert games. I'm not very pleased with it though - it's too light IMO and a bit flimsy ... I'll see if I can get something else ...

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