Friday, 12 May 2017

Settlements ...

Some progress on my trial village last night - I painted some roads onto it and I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out.  It also decided me on how I'm going to do roads for this terrain - watch this space!

Pics are with an infantry base on a 2p and a 1cm grid on the cutting mat

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Hills 'n' Stuff ...

Once again progress has been made on terrain-y bits. This first pic shows three of my hills after undercoating; each of them has a conqueror tank on it (mounted on a 1p piece) to give a size context. Doubling the ridge height has made them much better IMO.

The next pic shows what is supposed to be a level 2 hill, but I'm really not convinced that it works as that ... I need to find a better way to show contours. I have some ideas that I'm going to try soon

Here we have one of my 'fancier' hills - it has a small pile of rocks (pebbles) at the centre. I undercoated this by hand with my 'sand' paint - it's a better colour than the hills above which were undercoated with Halfords' spray paint

 And this is one of my'broken ground' areas - just pebbles stuck in the wet filler

A size shot of the broken ground areas with a Conqueror based on a penny in the centre

Broken ground, village and Conqueror

A close up of the village base. I'm experimenting with scrubber pads as foliage here - I think it works quite well, but needs something to darken them - maybe a dark wash or dip ... will try both

By the way, the cloth in the background of the pics is the one I bought to use for desert games. I'm not very pleased with it though - it's too light IMO and a bit flimsy ... I'll see if I can get something else ...

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Rules, Rules, Rules ... Which to Use?

I have a whole bunch of Wargames rules that I could use for this project, but don't know which to use ...

Possible candidates include (note these are rules that I own)

I'm planning on setting up a scenario representing the first shots in the latest border war between Timonistan and Pumbaaskaya then play it out repeatedly with different rules to see which is the best for me

Then I'll probably cherry-pick elements from other rules to get a hodge-podge that I like (as an example, the Received Fire Points from Hail of Fire is a superb idea that I'll want to use in other rules - if I can)

Armoured Strike will probably be first, as the author very kindly gave me the statistics for Conquerors via email, but I'll 'step down' the scale so that model vehicle representation is 1 : 1 rather than 1 : section/troop

Anyway, as usual this is all pie in the sky right now .. just getting my ideas/plans recorded so I don't forget them! and to seek your input of course!