Wednesday, 26 April 2017


As I said in my last post, I've started making some hills to use in the Turkmenistanian Wars. Way back in Feb '13, I ordered some 3mm mdf in a failed experiment to create terrain boards ... but kept the mdf in case it 'came in handy' and now it has!

I cut some of it up into vague oval hill shapes as you can see in the photo below (the cutting board grid is 1cm squares). The stuff on the right 'hill' is the paper I glued to the board (that caused it to warp)

One of the things about wargaming terrain hills that has annoyed me in the past is arguments discussions about where the crest line is, so with mine I've attempted to show them on the terrain piece. I glued cocktail sticks down the middle of the piece and then used filler to smooth the 'hill'. In the pic below you can see on the left a 2-level hill which is 2 pieces glued together and the first level smoothed out with filler and on the right, you can make out the cocktail sticks down the 'middle' of the hill

Here you can see the biggest hill I've done so far - a 2-level hill with the cocktail sticks on the top level

This pic shows a couple of hills with some pebbles I've used to create a central 'feature' for the hills. The one on the right has multiple crests with four cocktail sticks radiating from the pebbles

I'm intending to use some of the ovals to create rocky ground, difficult going areas. Below I've put some pebbles on one of the shapes to get an idea of what it would look like. It has shown me that I'm going to need to use smaller pebbles if I'm going to use it with 1/600th figures, but I reckon it'd be ok with 28's

This is an overhead pic of some 1/600th mini's on the hill

And a lower angle pic

In the course of making these, it's become apparent that a 1 cocktail stick height doesn't create a high enough slope - IMO, so I'm going to add another layer of sticks and see what that's like.  Once I've decided on the right height for me, I'll spray them and then add sand and varnish - I'll take pics of those stages and post them here

Finally, for this post, a couple of pic's of what the 25mm terrain pieces from Supreme Littleness Designs look like when they arrive; I ordered one each of the 'straights' and 'curves'
And really finally, 2 pics of a curve piece with some figures to show relative size; I think they'll do well as rivers for me


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    1. Thanks Simon. Added teh second stick layer last night; photos early next week