Thursday, 6 October 2016

Work in progress pics & more on painting

As I posted about before, I've painted the reinforcments that I got from Fighting 15s and the other night I 'put the dip' on them. As I was doing so I noticed that it was giving a better shading effect than it had given to the previous batch, probably because I'd shaken the tin of dip much more thoroughly this time ... so I re-applied the dip to all of them.

Here are some pics of the figures as they are now ...
Pumbaanish command base
Timoni command base
Timoni tank company command bases
Timoni infantry section & 120mm mortar
In my post 'Painting the little blighters' I said that it was not worth painting boots or windows on figures this small as details like that simply cannot be made out when the figures are on the table. Well, that is true, but after posting that I was looking at Just Jack's post 'Forces for the 1952 War' on his blog 'The Hakuna-Matata Wars' that was the major inspiration for this project.

In that post he has pics of the infantry that he painted (which are all prone) and he did paint their boots. So I looked at the prone infantry I've got - 4 Timoni support bases - who didn't have their boots painted ... and as it looked to me like they were wearing onesies I painted their boots. I was very surprised at the difference it made - they looked so much better! As you can tell in the pic of the infantry above, I haven't painted the standing infantry's boots, but I will now for all prone infantry. I don't have a pic of the 'prones' beore painting their boots, but here's a front and back 'after'

Something that I didn't mention at all in the 'painting' post is the way that gun barrels are modelled by Oddzial Osmy (OO).  Unlike larger scales where barrels are unsupported - and in my experience bend really easily! - OO make them as one piece with the casting. This means that there will be a piece of metal connecting the barrel to the rest of the model. It can look really strange if you paint it the same as the model, so I paint it black. Hopefully, you can see what I mean in this pic showing the Timoni anti-aircraft 40mm Bofors gun (both deployed & towed).

None of the mini's in these pics have had their coat of satin varnish to tone down the gloss of the dip, so that will be the next stage, followed by sanding the bases. 

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