Monday, 10 October 2016

Nothing to see here ...

The clue is in the title ... no pics for this post!

I did make progress over the weekend, managing to add sand to all my 3mm 'Wars of Turkmenistania' figures. I've also 'sanded' some bases for the buildings so I can have some BUA areas.

My small Warbases order arrived on saturday morning - the usual speedy service from them - so the bases for the towed Pumbaanish ATGs were there for me to stick the mini's on and undercoat them.

All good progress, but it doesn't matter how soon they're all ready as I have no terrain for them to fight on! I'm not that bothered by this - if push comes to shove, I'll use books, etc, on  the table as I have a cloth to cover them.

So remaining steps are (in particular order):

  • put some scatter on the mini's bases to break up the sand
  • satin varnish the minis
  • create some terrain
I'm going to use 5Core Company Command for my first game and I already have a scenario in mind:
  A Pumbaanish company-sized force has been ordered to seize a Timoni customs post & hold long enough for a secret police unit to 'disappear' inside Timoni, for reasons that the assaulting company does not need to know ...

  Timoni Defence Ministry has intelligence that Pumbaaskaya forces will raid a border post, but not which one ... units have been sent to reinforce multiple locations; as a result they are not as strong as could have been hoped ...

1 comment:

  1. That sounds like a plan!

    Be really interested to see how 5CCC works with the 3mm stuff.

    Hopefully, I'll get some time soon to base and paint the Iskanderanians.