Monday, 3 October 2016

Good news!

I placed the order I wrote about in my last post with Fighting 15s on Wednesday evening last week and on Friday when I got home from work I had the red card from Royal Mail saying they had tried to deliver it! So a trip to the local post office on Saturday morning and I had my new toys in hand - very quick service!

Even better is that I managed to paint them all over the weekend! They're just awaiting an application of dip and they'll be done - I  intend to do this when I've finished the last few bits for my Back of Beyond White Russians, so hopefully one evening this week.

As a result I didn't manage to get any basing or terrain done, but I did manage to dig out the Brigade Models Middle Eastern Village that I had already painted (over 3 years ago!) and will use for this campaign - just need to base it now!