Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Command Vehicles & Airpower

One thing that I didn't mention in my last post is that when digging out the buildings I managed to find several other things relevant to this project.

First was the Oddzial Osmy 8th Army HQ pack that I got from Fighting 15s ages ago. You can see what's in it in the Fighting 15s website pic to the right. You get 5 of each of the bits shown, so some of my HQ stands have Dorchester command vehicles and/or despatch riders and MK VI light tanks as radio vehicles. They make nice additions to the bases IMO.

I also found a couple of packs of airplanes that I got for a different (stalled) project - Korean War air combat.

Wikipedia Sabre pic
One of them was a pack of Tumbling Dice's F86e Sabres. I wasn't sure, but a bit of interweb research has confirmed that the RAF used Sabres, so with that fitting my background - i.e. Timonistan uses British kit - the Timoni Air Guard (TAG) now has half a dozen Sabres to complement the 4 Venoms that Jim kindly gave me before our game last week.

Wikipedia MiG-15 pic
The other pack is (again from Tumbling Dice) 6 MiG-15s so these have been conscripted into the Pumbaaskyan Army Air Force (PAAF) to defend the heroic people's army.

For once, it seems that a project is still making progress!

(Hopefully those aren't famous last words ...)


  1. I better get a move on or the Iskanderanians will get left behind!

  2. no worries Jim - you're ready when you're ready! I'd rather you got the BoB campaign up and running amyway! :)