Thursday, 20 October 2016

Back seat & terrain purchase

As the Wessex Wargamers Winchester Club's Back of Beyond campaign (as run by Jim of Jim's Wargames Workbench) has just started, this imagi-nation project will have to - unfortunately - take a back seat until my White Russian force for that campaign has been finished. Hopefully that won't take long as I have half-a-dozen cavalry to finish painting and the rest of the force's bases to do.

Meanwhile, I've bought some bits for terrain for this project. From Supreme Littleness Designs, I've bought their 10mm terrain base pack to use as roads; below is a pic (from their website) showing what's in the pack (doesn't include the building or figures!)
I'm very pleased with this pack - it's a lot of stuff for £6!  I might get another pack to paint as rivers, or maybe I'll use some of this pack ... really not sure at the moment!

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