Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Updated Map and Iskanderan Joins the Fray

Jim has come up with some details from 'Not Just a Brush War' for his country Iskanderan and those details are on the blog on the Iskanderan page.

Of course, this necessitated an update to the map. The new version is to the left and has Iskanderan as well as a new lake to allow naval/coastal actions between the nations to be fought.

(Jim - need a name for the lake!)

I've also been thinking about the rules that I'm going to use. I said "I'm going to use", which I think needs a bit of clarification. I'm going to play some games between Pumbaaskaya & Timonistan as solo games, so those are the games I'm referring to. Obviously games between myself & Jim - i.e. Pumbaascaya/Timonistan vs. Iskanderan - will use rules that we both want to use!  Anyway, the point is that I've re-read Nordic Weasel's 'FiveCore Company Command' and I'm not convinced that they'll handle the battalion-level (i.e. multiple companies) games that I envisage playing.

They're described as "1 stand equals 1 squad or vehicle. Typical game had 6-12 stands on each side"

That said, they are definitely fast play and I think I'll be dissatisified with the level of detail that they have. Alternatives that I'm considering are Too Fat Lardies' "I Ain't Been Shot Mum!" (IABSM) and Sabre Squadron. As IABSM is a WW2 ruleset and again has a lack of detail, I'm favouring Sabre Suqadron at the moment.

But of course, I'm not even ready to play a game yet! :)  Still, I get back home tomorrow and my new toys from Magister Militum should be waiting for me and I can make a start!

edited: I meant to say, but forgot, that Jim's selected a benchmark year for us, which is 1960. This means that when you look at the country pages and it says, for example, that Armour Modernity is -3yrs then the newest armour that country can have is 1957


  1. I was wondering about Company Command and how it would scale for this level of operations. IABSM would be a good alternative and there is a Korean War supplement in one of the Summer Specials which might help?

    1. The Korean War supplement is a very good point - hadn't thought of that; will have a look at it

  2. If you want a battalion, I'd probably suggest something like FFT3. Company Command can scale to it (and a bit limited detail at that level isn't a bad thing actually) but it'll be a little chunky to do so.
    Treat each company as its own "army" and roll separate activation dice and its doable.

    Some day, I'll have a battalion level game out, and you can all send me lots of money then :-)

    1. Hi Ivan, I'm leaning back toward Company Command now! I'll definitely try it out and will post on here with my results