Friday, 30 September 2016


I've been looking at the forces I've assembled so far for both Timonistan and Pumbaaskaya and realised that I had some gaps in both capabilities and models that I wanted to fill, so I placed an order for some reinforcements with Fighting 15s for some more Oddzial Osmy figures:
WBR-613 Universal Carrier
SA-677 GAZ69 all-terrain utility car
The TO&E on the blog's Timonistan & Pumbaaskaya pages have changing fairly regularly recently. One change definitely staying is putting company command stands on 2p peices and adding a universal carrier or GAZ-69 to the base to identify it. I have definite ideas how to use these, but for now, armies with flexible western style command - Timonistan - will have 2 command stands in a company and those with rigid soviet style command - Pumbaaskaya - will have 1 command stand in a company.
WBR-628 Morris C8 field artillery tractor
SA-611 120 mm mortar + GAZ 66
Timonistan has a support level of 8 (on scale of 1-10), so although I'm not going to model artillery units, I thought it should have some kind of on-table support, so after scouring the Oddzial Osmy figure list, I settled on the modern russian 120mm mortars. This comes with 6 GAZ-66 trucks that I'll use in the Pumbaaskayan forces and replace with the Morris Quad in pack WBR-628.

With Iskanderan making frequent announcements about their air force and its quality, I really needed some AA capability, so I got this to split between Timonistan and Pumbaaskaya:
WBR-624 Bofors 40mm and Morris
With 6 pieces in the pack, 3 will go to each nation. The Timoni Bofors will have Morris Quads as tow vehicles.

And then, for Pumbaaskaya, I have ordered these:
SA-670 MT12 100mm anti-tank gun
SA-640 BTR152
WSU-607 Russian Infantry x2
Given the problems that the Pumbaanish MBTs will have against the Timoni heavy tanks, it seemed logical for them to get some heavier AT weapon - hence the MT12 - and finally the BTR-152 and infantry are to add another Pumbaanish infantry company.

So the arms race continues!

PS - painted the Pumbaani infantry last night; will hopefully sand the bases over the weekend and make a start on the terrain

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