Monday, 19 September 2016

Origins ...

The idea for this blog began when I posted on my main blog about how I had been inspired to start a new project by the excellent  Hakuna Matata Wars blog written by Just Jack of the BlackHawkHet blog.

Jim of the superb Jim's Wargames Workbench blog liked the idea and his enthusiasm for the idea fired me up to order the first figures for this imagi-nation project.

At the same time, my mind turned toward where in the world the imagi-nations would be. I settled on Central Asia and looking at the map to the right I decided that the area of Turkemenistan would be ideal. At the time these fictional wars start - an unspecified year (at the moment) in the earlier part of the cold war - the Central Asian nations were part of the USSR and Iran was under the Shah and aligned to the west.

So, after a bit of work, I came up with the map to the left. Pumbaaskaya and Timonistan are the two countries that I came up with. I was a bit stuck with names to start with but decided on these names as a direct homage to Just Jack's Hakuna Matata wars - as I said a huge inspiration for me. The 'Terra Incognita' allows other states to be added - including Jim's - as the fancy strikes. We have a definite idea to add a lake so we can have some 'coastal' warfare as well.

Pumbaaskaya is a soviet satellite, while Timonistan is a British backed state. Using Nordic Weasel's Not Just a Brush War, I've defined the two countries & come up with a limited TO&E for each that you can see on each country's page via the links at the top right of the blog.

I've invited Jim to be an author on this bog, so we'll have to see how that works!

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