Thursday, 22 September 2016

Iskanderan Responds

Having read Colin's ToE for the armed forces of Pumbaaskaya and Timonistan, I thought it would be a good idea to do a bit of a response to the militarist posturing of both of these nations. In the alternate 1960 of the campaign, Iskanderan is emerging from relative isolation to become a key strategic player, with oil revenue to spend and the USA keen to supply weapons and equipment to contain a Soviet Communist domino effect and deter post-colonial British interference in the region.

The Iskanderanian armed forces have, therefore, recently been modernised and re-equipped with slightly obsolete but still effective tanks, armoured vehicles and aircraft under the US Military Aid Program (MAP). The technological time lag for the army puts most of its kit in a 1947 bracket but the air force is far more advanced, being equipped with relatively modern 1956 stuff, only four years behind the times. This translates into a US military support strategy in which air power will be the basis of the Iskanderanian deterrent.

I've used the following packs from the Oddzial Osmy 3mm modern and WW2 US ranges for the main elements of the army. This will include two companies of M47 medium tanks, one of M41 light tanks, one of mechanised infantry in M2 half tracks, one of recon jeeps with recoilless rifles and one battery of 155mm howitzers. The M47's may not be that effective against Colin's Conquerers (eek!) but I think they'll be a good match for his T54's and Saladins.
  • US655 - M47 Patton (2 packs)
  • US656 - M41 Walker Bulldog (1 pack)
  • WUS-622 - M2 Half-track (1 pack)
  • WUS-619 - Jeep (1 pack)
  • US-695 - M38A1C Jeep with recoilless rifle (1 pack)
  • WUS 651- m1-155mm-howitzers (1 pack)
  • WUS-604 - GIs with hand weapons (1 pack)
The air force was originally going to be equipped with F51 Mustang fighter bombers and A26 Invader light attack bombers but, with the 1956 modernisation upgrade now in place, the Mustangs will be augmented by more up to date F84 Thunderjets. There will be two squadrons of six fighter bombers and one of six light attack bombers, together with some C47 Dakotas for air re-supply. I may also add a commando special forces unit equipped with H-19 Chickasaw transport helicopters.

All of these models are from the excellent Tumbling Dice 1/600th scale range.


  1. Iskanderanian warmongers! Your peace-loving neighbours legitimately modernise their defence forces and the Iskanderanians begin an arms race! Only war can come from this!!

  2. Oh's an arms race already!