Monday, 26 September 2016


ISKAF F84 Thunderjet

I mentioned previously that the Iskanderanian Air Force (ISKAF) emerged from the Not Just a Brush War campaign generation process with an unexpected upgrade to 1957 levels of equipment and technology. This threw a spanner into the gubbins of my best laid plans, which involved the use of some spare Tumbling Dice F51 Mustangs left over from my Bag the MiG project. It did, however, open up all sorts of possibilities from the handy toolbox of surplus 1/600th scale aircraft.

ISKAF A26 Invader

I'm still keeping the F51's in the ISKAF orbat, as second line ground attack fighter bombers and escorts, but have now decided to add a squadron of shiny, only slightly used F84 Thunderjets as the front line fighter component. So far, so good, especially as I'm also keeping the A26 Invaders on strength as light attack bombers for battlefield interdiction and strikes against hard targets. These are tough cookies, very useful for ground attack and can hold their own in air to air combat.

Para-Commando C119 Fairchild Boxcar

However, I also thought why not add some transport and airborne capability in the form of some C47's, which will allow my elite para-commando troops to drop onto the battlefield rather than walk. I have ordered a couple of packs of these from Tumbling Dice and also found a single model of a Fairchild C119 Boxcar, which I was thinking abut using as a AC119 Spectre gunship! This would be very cool as a battlefield air support asset but would also make a very juicy AAA target.

Para-Commandos in Action

To finish off, I have also decided to add a flight of Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw and/or H-35 Choctaw helicopters for an air mobile capability, again to use with my para-commandos when they need to be dropped behind enemy lines or collected from imminent encirclement by the forces of Pumbaskaaya or Timonistan. This seemed like a fun idea but I'm not sure how practicable it will actually be in wargaming terms. The models are really nice, however, so why not?  

Not that there's an arms race going on or anything....???

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  1. Blimey-o-reilly!! not like you're getting carried away or anything Jim! I guess I'm really going to have to dig out my Korean War planes and enlist them - Sabres and MiGs are on their way!