Thursday, 22 September 2016

First Recruits ...

To start off these fictional wars, I've ordered a bunch of 1/600th miniatures by Oddzial Osmy (OO) via Magister Militum (MM). As I type this, I'm away from home for work and have been since the start of the week; this is a great pain, as I got the email from MM last Friday saying the miniattures had been dispatached!

Anyway, hopefully waiting for me on my doormat when I get home later today will be the first recruits for Timonistan & Pumbaaskaya. As Timonistan is backed - definitely not propped up! - by the United Kingdom they will be having British kit; specifically these OO packs:
UK 637 Conqueror x15
UK 628 Saracen x15
UK 629 Saladin x15
WBR 665 Mosquito FB x8
WBR 608 Infantry x15
The Mosquito models I'm going to use as a Timoni-built derivative of the Mosquito Mk XVIII - aka the Tsetse - which had a 6pdr cannon installed that could fire semi- or fully-automatic . The Timonis have further developed this and now have a very effective ground support aircraft. I won't use all of the models as actual aircraft - maybe 6 and make 2 into wrecks as scenery/objective markers.  As the benchmark year for the start is 1960 (and as they're 3mm figures!) I'm using WW2 British infantry for the Timoni infantry sections.

The Pumbaanish are Soviet backed and will have these OO packs:
SA 614 T-55 x15 - 2 of these packs
SA 640 BTR-152 x15
SA 633 PT-76 x15
WSU 647 Pe-2 Light Bomber x8
WSU 607 Soviet Infantry Strips x15
Given the date the T-55s will be used as T-54s, after all as the Wikipedia page I linked to in the OO pack above says "The T-54 and T-55 tanks are outwardly very similar and difficult to distinguish visually", so that's handy! I've got 2 packs as a balance to the significantly heavier Timoni Conquerors.  The BTR-152 can carry 18 passengers, so I'll be having 2 infantry squads in each. The Pumbaanish Air Force suffers from a lack of direction, so despite the potential of their Pe-2 light bombers, little has been done to develop them (again, I'll probably use a couple as wrecks). The infantry are again of the WW2 variety, and I'll probably use some of the stacks of modern 3mm warpac infantry I'll have to make the extra squads that I'll need.

As I said, hopefully they'll be on the doormat when I get home!


  1. A really interesting mix of kit there Colin!

    1. The whole idea kicked off for me when I first discovered the Conqueror and wanted to be able to use some! Plus I've always wanted to use Saladins & Saracens :)