Friday, 23 September 2016

First Recruits Arrived & Unpacked

The Magister Militum delivery was on the doormat when I got home yesterday, and I managed to find time to unpack and clean the figures. This first pic shows the Timoni packs:

While this one has the Pumbaanish:
Once out of the packs the major surprise for me was the size of the Timoni Conqueror compared to their other AFVs. I knew it would be bigger, but quite how much bigger it is than the Saracen, I had cenrtainly not expected! Also, the British infantry pack has some weapon stands, so I'll make one infantry section in each Timoni platoon a heavy weapons section. Here is the Timoni equipment unpacked:
My only surprise with the Pumbaanish models is the infantry; the plan I outlined in my last post about using some modern WP infantry won't work - they're too different (for me), so I'll be getting at least one more pack of infantry. The unpacked Pumbaanish stuff:

And finally, following the recent announcement by the Iskanderanian regime regarding the modernisation of their air force, the Timoni air force has confirmed reports that they will be acquiring some slightly used former Royal Air Force de Haviland Venoms.

The spokesman went on to say, "There is no truth in the allegation that the Timoni government is buying these aircraft because they look so cool. Absolutely none. None at all. Honest guv!"


  1. Looks good so far. Very nice clean castings.

  2. A good choice! Fantastic aircraft but, of course, your pilots are no match for the pilots of the IAF!